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>> Tim Allen
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  Who is he?
Tim Allen - TV and movie star who originally started in showbiz on the stand-up comedy circuit. His sitcom "Home Improvement" has been a no.1 TV show, and his film credits include Toy Story 1 and 2, and the Santa Clause.

What did he do?
Michegan Police set a trap to catch three men who were suspected of delivering drugs. At Kalamazoo Airport, Allen (then called Timothy Alan Dick) and another man had arranged to meet the third man. However, the Police sprung the trap and arrested all three men on drugs charges.

October 2, 1978

Yep, alledgedly with delivery of a controlled substance, and conspiracy.

Allen pleaded no contest to the charges, and Judge McCauly gave him a sentance of no more than 7, but no less than 3 years in jail. Inside, Allen developed his comedy talent, and used it for protection - "Humor was the best defense I had" - he is quoted as stating. After serving his time, he began working the stand-up comedy circuit, before moving on to his own sitcom.

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